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About Johnny


Johnnys' Self Analysis

About Johnny

I was born and raised in South Africa, and Currently reside in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I'm highly approachable, and generally friendly, unless provoked!! LOL

I spend a lot of time chatting, both privately and in chat rooms with those who share my interests.

I am still fully exploring my sexuality, and a somewhat incomplete list of my fetish interests can be found on the FETISHES page of this website. I remind all readers that my list of fetishes is very far from being a "MUST HAVE" list - it's more like a shopping list - as a realist, I know you can't buy everything you need or want at one store.

What am I looking for? Happiness - isn't that what we are all looking for?

I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, and exploring all sorts of sides I seem to have.

Life is not just about sex, and I enjoy a number of things in the real world. These include Theatre, Movies, Music, driving, and meeting new people. I'm more a BBQ and hang out kind of guy than a night-club kinda guy.

Please enjoy my webpage, and dont be shy to hit me up online, or send me an email. More information about all the ways to contact me on my CONTACT page.