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frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions


How can I send you money?

Donations are always appreciated!! Click the button below to donate to the site :)


What are your Stats?

I’m 6’1” (185cm), about 230Lbs (104kgs), green eyes, shaved head, goatee (currently 2011). 7.5” (19cm) endowment, cut.

When is your Birthday?

October 2nd.

Do you travel?

I don’t travel much, and currently am unable to travel from Canada into the United States or abroad until my new passport arrives and my US Visa is received.

Can you host?

I am able to host on some occassions, but perfer to come to your place or a motel/hotel room. Your treat.

Is Johnny your real name?


What is your Real Name?

Not important. Use Johnny.

Will you marry me?

If I had a dollar…..  NO.

Are you in a relationship?

Yes. I am in a Quad. Two puppies and a cub/boy.

Do you BB?


Are you into PnP? Do you Party?


What about Poppers?

Yeah, I use them.

What are you into?

Seriously? Not going to put an entire list here. Read my fetishes pages for some indication. Read the next questions too.

What are your Limits/Turn offs?

Women, children, infantilism, transvestitism, are hard and fast limits. There is no budging them, so don’t even try. Turn offs include: anyone overly effeminate, overly “clean” men who smell of deodorant and cologne, men in women’s clothing: If I wanted to play with someone in women’s clothing, I would play with a woman.

Do you own a bike?


Can I get X-rated pics from you?

Sure. Have your paypal account ready. I no longer send out my naked pics for free. Sorry.

Why are there Bearfilms.com banners everywhere on your webpage?

I did work for them. Click the banner, search for me on their site – buy stuff with me on it – I get commission!! CLICK HERE for my bearfilms Videos or CLICK HERE for my bearfilms pictures.

Can I Buy your dirty <whatever>?

Email me and ask. Everything has a price, right?

What happened to your YouTube Channel?

Sometime in June or July of 2014, someone started targetting my YouTube channel, and reported every single one of my veido blogs as spam. This got me banned from YouTube, and, despite every effort to have the chhanel re-instated, YouTube refuse to reverse the banning, So until further notice - no more video blogs. Perhaps I will look for a different service to post videos on at some point, but it is not a priority.