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Self Anaysis Writings
Johnny's Self Analysis Writings

Who Am I? Part 1: Bear


I am strong, willful, playful and protective.
I wear my emotions on my sleeve.
I fight for the rights of myself,
and those of others who need their rights fought for.

I am aggressive, and passionate.
I am kind and caring.
I am cuddly and romantic
I am the champion of lost souls.

I am the shoulder to cry on,
The pillar to lean on,
The rock to build on.
I am the one who builds you up.

I am the one who leads,
The one who blazes the path
The one who picks up the pieces
And makes you whole again.

I love many and despise very few
I care easily and am hurt easily
I hold my hurt away from others it would hurt,
Because I am protector.


Who Am I? Part 2: Dominant Man

Dominant Man

I command respect and attention
When I walk into the room you know
Who I am and where you should be.
I like to take charge

I love to explore your body as it lays beneath me
Your skin bubbling at my touch
Your muscles shaking when I connect
Your mind opening to my world.

I love to break you down
So I can build you up,
Mold you and shape you
Like putty in my hands.

I play for hours,
Sometimes even days,
I play hard and tough
I push boundaries – yours and mine.

When its over….
When the euphoria is all that remains
That’s when you are in my arms
And I re-assure you

I comfort you.
I build you up.
I hold you.
You are boy, and you are mine.

And when I hold you - you melt into me
I am your protector, disciplinarian,
Your teaser and tormentor
Your world.

I am Dominant Man.
I am in charge and I take control
I am decision maker, action taker
I am Dominant Man.


Analysis Part 3 Innocent


The part of me
That never grows up
That wishes for things
I have not experienced before.

It’s the part that hurts easily
When those careless say or do things
Which cut to the core
I sit alone and hurt some more.

It is that part of me that trusts
The part that gives
Of my time, my heart,
And perhaps a little of my soul

It’s the part that wants to try
To experience it all
And come back to someone who
Can share their love with me

Share their love, as I share mine:
Unselfishly, trustingly
Unconditionally, freely,
Perhaps even naively.

This part of who I am
Is the curious, the adventurous
The playful,
The one who cries when I fall.

This part I protect
I put up walls, Barricades and battlements
And find myself opening them up
So I can explore.

It is this part that gets sad
When those I care for
Are hurt, or sad or

It is this part I shy away from
In my adulthood
Because this part of me
Holds too many secrets to my past.

It is this part of me that
Suffers, and learns,
And cries and comforts
And loves unconditionally.

I am innocent
I am loving and kind
I am giving and trusting
I am innocent.